Hi, I’m Max! My mom’s intention was for you to call me Maximilian, but that is just too long for today’s hectic world, so Max will do just fine. On the Internet I tend to go by @coffeejunk. You can find me on twitter, GitHub, irc, skype, you get the idea. Oh if you’re into that kinda thing, on Facebook I go by my full name.

If you want to say Hi!, just drop me an email, I’m pretty good at replying to emails. Also, I’m always happy to meet strangers and get to know new people. So if you’re in my proximity, reach out and let’s grab a coffee1!

Le me

According to my passport I’m German, however I consider myself a world citizen, with somewhat of a nomadic soul. I have lived all over the world including Munich, Leipzig, Amsterdam, London, Bali, San Francisco, Berlin and recently moved to Bangkok.

traveling the

I have also spent a fair amount of time exploring the world; Traveling, getting lost, diving deep into yet unknown cultures and places. I have a very serious case of the wanderlust and am probably happiest in the window seat of a plane heading towards a new destination.

Working in the alps

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you think you’d like to work with me, think we should meet up or just want to tell me about your exquisite selection of potatoes.

unicorns are totally awesome

In other news, unicorns are totally awesome.

  1. Beer is cool too :)