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The first curta calculators were of a model with 8 x 6 x 11 positions; in 1954 model II with 11 x 8 x 15 positions 14 was added. Under the My Info and Pay menu, select Employee Profile. I will comment on changes in the case, the setting knobs, the zeroizing lever and the crank. We have done it with 3 revolutions instead. Herzstark stepped back as technical director in 1951, and became a free-lance employee for some time. During some time the tin cases were replaced by plastic ones. At the right bottom the so called machine body.

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In 1916, after the "Realgymnasium" 3a, Curt started an apprenticeship as precision mechanic and toolmaker in the factory of his father. Which difficult constructive problems had to be solved, and how were they solved? For a first series of 6 prototypes the segments had to be ground to their prescribed size. For a number of dials, depending on its position, the pins had to be ground away to half its length. There were many of those factories in Germany and they all worked for the military. Martin: Die Rechenmaschine and ihre Entwicklung The calculators and their development, 2nd edition, 1936 page 433ff. plans cu

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9 Figure 3: Detailed view of the central driving element of the curta, the so-called complemented stepped drum. Few people know that there were already mechanical pocket calculators shortly after the second world war. Preventative care is fully covered. 4 Wilhelm Schickard (1592-1635) is nowadays regarded as the first inventor and maker of a four-function calculator with tens-carrying. In practice, I just crank until the number 89 shows up in the revolution counter (see Figure 1 without having to think if one needs an additive or subtractive revolution - I watch the revolution counter and always switch modes at the right time. The reports of the plans cu army about the precision-production of the firm Austria and especially about the knowledge of Herzstark lead the Nazi's to treat Herzstark as an "intelligence-slave". The inventor has good ideas, but making money with them - that is done by others! The mentioned positive tolerance adds up to one-eighth of this displacement - so it couldn't work. The Soviets started to rebuild their parts of Germany according to their own plans. Much later I tried to find out what was the cause of this. His solution, the complemented stepped drum, will be described extensively. The toothed segments of the complemented toothing are designated with 1' to 9'. Advantages of the complemented stepped drum when calculating with a curta. "You shouldn't exhaust this man, he surely is of an age at which one needs some rest" was the warning I received from my wife when I left. Below that is the clearly visible counter ring, which has to be pushed up and rotated one position during multi-digit calculations. We will return to this later (see Figure 3). Curt Herzstark did internships in his fathers' factory, where he worked in Assembly and Sales. Anyway, Herzstark got access to a small drawing board and drafting machine and worked every spare minute, also on Sunday, at the drawings. Holecek: "Neue konstruktive Wege in Rechenmaschinenbau" New design methods in the construction of calculators Speech at October 19/20, 1950, published as a special edition of the "Heft Feinwerktechnik Volume 55, June 11, 1951. Before or after tax? Notes: 1 Peter Kradolfer,. Later 12 the shape of the setting knobs was changed, the difference is shown in Figure 12 and. In the old days, part that didn't fit were adjusted during assembly. They were a very special technical problem. At the right there are two setting slides, two transmission shafts and two main shafts. And, as a kind of compensation, Herzstark was named director of the Rheinmetall factories and had to supervise the reconstruction. Before we go into details, we would like to discuss which advantages the described construction has. His death has struck. They're a big improvement over my 5th generation photocopy images! I wanted to know from Mister Herzstark why they changed the setting knobs. The only accusation they could hold against him was that employees, who were not at all inclined to racism, were caught at listening to broadcasts of the enemy (the English) and he tried to defend them. Künzli, which events from this pioneering time do you remember?

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