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The Covenant

Der Pakt - The Covenant. ()1 Std. 37 Min Die Ipswich Kolonie in Massachusetts, im Jahr Fünf Familien, die alle über außergewöhnliche Kräfte. Der Pakt - The Covenant von Renny Harlin DVD bei bestellen. ✓ Bis zu 70% günstiger als Neuware ✓ Top Qualität ✓ Gratis Versand ab 10€. Der Pakt (Originaltitel: The Covenant) ist ein US-amerikanischer Film von Regisseur Renny Harlin, gedreht im Jahr Das Budget des Films belief sich auf.

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In der feinen Privatschule Spencer Academy im amerikanischen Ipswich taucht aus heiterem Himmel die Leiche eines Schülers auf. Das Ereignis bedroht das jahrhundertealte Geheimnis von fünf Familien. schlossen die Familien, die alle über. Der Pakt (Originaltitel: The Covenant) ist ein US-amerikanischer Film von Regisseur Renny Harlin, gedreht im Jahr Das Budget des Films belief sich auf. - Kaufen Sie Der Pakt - The Covenant günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Der Pakt - The Covenant. ()1 Std. 37 Min Die Ipswich Kolonie in Massachusetts, im Jahr Fünf Familien, die alle über außergewöhnliche Kräfte. In this last principium, Catarino identifies the “way” towards God's kingdom with the “covenant.” The “covenant”—necessarily somewhat imprecise at this. a covenant between Yahweh and Israel. This is again supported by the observation already noted that in the expression ": "Hy the reference is always to the. „Mindhunters“, „Exorzist: Der Anfang“ und letztendlich „The Covenant“. Eine Linie​, ein Mittelmaß, ein Regisseur. Die oben genannten Titel haben eines gemein.

The Covenant

Der Pakt - The Covenant. ()1 Std. 37 Min Die Ipswich Kolonie in Massachusetts, im Jahr Fünf Familien, die alle über außergewöhnliche Kräfte. Der Pakt - The Covenant von Renny Harlin DVD bei bestellen. ✓ Bis zu 70% günstiger als Neuware ✓ Top Qualität ✓ Gratis Versand ab 10€. Details of the publication.

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The Covenant (2006) Official Trailer 1 - Chace Crawford Movie

The first four concerned the character of King Yahweh, how and when he was to be honored and worshiped. These explicated how life and worship would meet requirements of the creational covenant's spiritual mandate.

The next three elaborated on fulfilling the social mandate and the last three on the cultural mandate.

The interrelatedness of the commandments demonstrated how integrated faithful, obedient, covenant people would find kingdom life to be. For example, to steal would hurt a neighbor social while acting disobediently against Yahweh spiritually in the cultural area.

The speaking of the ten commandments was followed by explication and application. Instruction was given on how to worship , keep Sabbath laws, and when, and why, and how to celebrate the three major feasts Concern for working people, slaves, and injured and violated individuals was explained ; Instruction concerning ownership of property, rights involved, punishment, and ways of making restitution was added.

After the laws were promulgated, the people were given assurances of Yahweh's guidance, protection, and bringing them into the promised land, where they were to remain covenantally faithful to Yahweh and not make a covenant with the people living in the land or with their gods This was a strong reminder to trust Yahweh, believe in him, and love only him.

Moses told the people all that Yahweh had given as instructions and laws for them. The people made a second solemn response, saying they would do all that Yahweh had said.

This response of trust and obedience came spontaneously Moses then wrote all the explications, applications, assurances, and responses This writing of a covenant gave it permanence and authority.

Once written, it was not to be altered; it would be explicated and more fully applied. The third stage in the process of Yahweh's renewing and confirming of the covenant he had made previously with Adam, Noah, and the patriarchs was the actual ratification ceremony b The ceremony consisted of the building of an altar to serve as the actual intimate meeting place of Yahweh and the people.

Sacrifices were then offered. Blood had been collected and half of it was sprinkled on the altar. Then Moses read all of the covenant material he had written, to which Israel made a third spontaneous response, saying "We will do, we will obey.

Thus, by the blood, in which is life, but which also speaks of the death of what is sacrificed, the people as a whole were signified and sealed as Yahweh God's precious possession.

The holy marriage had taken place. Yahweh, the Husband, had taken the patriarch's progeny as his bride. The ratification of the covenant was finalized by Yahweh writing the ten commandments on tablets of stone and giving them to Moses.

The whole ceremony ended with Yahweh displaying himself in his majesty, splendor, grandeur, and awesomeness as a consuming fire The Israelites did not remain faithful to their covenantal vow for long.

While Moses was receiving instructions concerning worship building of the tabernacle, its furnishings, ordaining Aaron and sons as priests the Israelites made an idol and worshiped it This breaking of the covenant aroused Yahweh's anger; he spoke of carrying out the curse of the covenant on them Moses, however, served as a covenant mediator; the people were largely spared Exodus Exodus The covenant was reconfirmed when Moses interceded further for the people and Yahweh declared that he was truly Yahweh, compassionate, gracious, patient, full of love, faithful, forgiving, righteous, and just Promises of what he would do were repeated and stipulations, relevant to the immediate circumstances just experienced, were added.

The call was repeated to worship only Yahweh, who as a jealous God would tolerate no rivals Yahweh again enjoined the people to remember to celebrate the prescribed festivals A forgiven people, with whom Yahweh reconfirmed his life-love bond with all its implications and ramifications for all aspects of life, were to be a joyous, feasting people.

In the context of Yahweh confirming his covenant with Israel, two other covenants are referred to. In Leviticus the command was given not to leave "the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings.

The institution and purpose of this covenant of salt are not recorded. From the context it can be understood that when covenantally prescribed offerings were made, they had to be seasoned and given a means of preservation so that what was offered could be kept in good condition until eaten by the families of priests and Levites.

In this way, one provision in covenantal life, work, and worship, namely, food for those not given a large portion of Canaan, was used to refer to the entire covenant.

The permanency of the covenant was expressed by salt; for this reason the covenant with David was also referred to as a covenant of salt 2 Chron Likewise, to not honor and keep the Sabbath was to break the entire covenant Exodus Exodus ; see also Neh ; Nehemiah Nehemiah ; ; Isa ; Jer Keeping the Sabbath was a definite requirement for faithful covenantal life and worship.

Within the scope of Yahweh's covenant with Israel as a nation, a "subcovenant" was made with the priesthood. This covenant is referred to as an everlasting covenant.

Because one of Aaron's sons demonstrated great zeal for Yahweh's covenantal demand for holy living, assurance was given that the office of priest would remain with Aaron's progeny Nu When the Israelites were prepared to enter the land promised to their patriarchal ancestors, Moses, Yahweh God's mediator for Israel, gave extended addresses that constitute the content of the Book of Deuteronomy.

The Hebrew term for covenant appears twenty-seven times. Once it should be translated "league" ; it appears a number of times in the phrase "ark of the covenant.

In his addresses, Moses reviewed a number of important events experienced during their desert travels chaps. Moses urged the people to remain faithful to Yahweh God's covenant and to remember Yahweh as a jealous God demanding absolute loyalty Moses stressed that Yahweh was merciful; he would not forget the covenant made with the forefathers that he had confirmed by an oath.

Yahweh had covenanted with them because he loved them and chose their descendants the people whom Moses was addressing Reminding the Israelites of the character and deeds of Yahweh two essential aspects of Yahweh's covenant , Moses urged the people to follow Yahweh's commands not add to but to keep them , to hold fast , to observe them faithfully , and to show their wisdom and understanding by so doing They were to seek Yahweh their God with all their heart and soul This call to loving obedience was followed by a repetition of the ten commandments chap.

Moses explicated and expanded on how the covenant of love Yahweh had made with the patriarchs was to be known, obeyed, and followed in all of life.

Reminders of Yahweh's love and his election of them and his calling them to be holy were repeated see esp.

The place and manner of covenant worship and feasting were outlined again chaps. Instructions on social and legal matters as required by Yahweh's covenant were repeated chaps.

Following this expansion on the law, with repeated references to the blessings that followed obedience see esp. Moses emphatically presented these; first he stressed the curses , which were to be repeated by the Levites and to which the people were to respond with "Amen" so it shall be.

Moses summarized the blessings ; he had referred to before. In graphic detail he related what curses to expect if the people were disobedient Before Moses concluded his "covenant-reminding addresses, " he ordained Joshua as his successor , wrote what he had preached and had it placed in the ark , wrote a song in which Yahweh's character and deeds were extolled and Israel's failures and the tragic consequences of these , and pronounced a blessing on the Israelites chap.

He then told the Israelites that as they were standing before Yahweh, they were in covenant with Yahweh because Yahweh confirmed his covenant made first with the patriarchs.

Joshua reconfirmed this same covenant with Israel after they had taken possession of Canaan. He reviewed Yahweh God's work on their behalf Joshua He called on them to fear and serve Yahweh with all faithfulness The people responded, "We will serve and obey" Joshua wrote the decrees and laws, undoubtedly as these applied to the circumstances of settled life in "The Book of the Law of God.

In the times of the Judges, Yahweh assured Israel that he would never break his covenant made with the forefathers Judges Israel repeatedly broke the covenant, yet Yahweh remained faithful.

He provided deliverance when the people repented and called on him. There are no biblical references to ceremonies of covenant renewal, although some scholars consider Samuel to have led in a covenant renewal at Gilgal.

This was when Saul was confirmed king and Samuel made his farewell address 1 Sam This renewal marked a definite progress in Yahweh God's revelation.

As with each covenant-expanding, -renewing, and -confirming ceremony, additional revelation had been given by Yahweh, so significant added revelation was given in the time of Samuel and David.

It pertained particularly to the role of a royal covenant mediator in the person of a king as promised through Moses.

Samuel initiated the process of covenant expansion and renewal by the covenant renewal at Gilgal and the anointing of David as Yahweh's chosen king 1 Sam The climax of added revelation and expansion of God's covenant came when Yahweh addressed David through Nathan the prophet 1 Sam The revelation to David commenced with a reference to how Yahweh had dwelt with his people since Mosaic times.

Here there is a direct tie-in with the patriarchal covenant that was expanded and ratified at Sinai Essential features in the expansion of the covenant with David are as follows.

David the shepherd was chosen to be king ; cf. The covenant formula "I have been with you" was repeated. Yahweh gave him victory. David's name was to be great.

A place was to be given, and victory, rest, and peace were assured. Seed would continue after him. Sons would be kings.

The throne of the kingdom of the son was to be established forever. Yahweh would be His father; he, David his son. Wickedness would be punished curse of covenant.

Yahweh's love would never leave bond of love is assured. This covenant made with David was an initial fulfillment of Jacob's prophecy concerning Judah Gen that a ruler would come forth from him.

The fuller and complete fulfillment of Jacob's prophecy and Nathan's to David was realized in Jesus Christ, the mediator of the new covenant.

David's son Solomon expressed his awareness and loyalty to Yahweh and the covenant with the Davidic dynasty in the first years of his reign.

He did this particularly when he dedicated the temple; the temple gave permanent expression to the covenant promise, "I am your God; I will be with you.

They were not to be considered excusable or ignorant because the psalms, many written in the period of the kingdom, called attention to the covenant at least 20 times.

The kings of Judah, like Ahaz, ignored, disbelieved, and rejected the prophetic warnings, but Yahweh through his covenantal spokesman, the prophets, continued to hold his promises concerning his covenant and the promised mediator of the covenant before the people.

The prophets had repeatedly warned that Yahweh would uphold his covenant with persistent covenant breakers and despisers by executing the curse of the covenant on them.

Jeremiah eloquently warned of impending doom by destruction and dispersion. The New Covenant. Jeremiah, prophesying that the curse of the covenant would surely be executed by means of the exile, also prophesied concerning the sure continuity of the covenant He gave absolute assurance that Israel and Judah would be brought back from captivity ; Yahweh would restore blessings ; fortunes NIV.

He would love them with an everlasting love and continue to be Father to them Yahweh would give cause for tears to dry and hope for the future because Israel would be replanted A renewed covenant would be confirmed This covenant would be as sure and inviolable as Yahweh's covenant with David, the Levites , and creation As he spoke of the renewed covenant he did so in the context of Yahweh's covenant with creation, the patriarchs , Israel at Sinai and in the desert Levites taken as a part of the whole , and David Jeremiah Jeremiah Jeremiah does not speak of a discontinuity of past covenants.

He makes it clear that Yahweh's covenant made, expanded, and administered in various situations, is one continuing covenant.

A time is coming when the covenant would be renewed, expanded, and applied in a radically new way. Hence he spoke of what is translated as the "new covenant" with Israel and Judah that would not be like the covenant made at Sinai Some important points must be stressed: 1 The Hebrew term translated "new" basically refers to what was there before but appears in another new, renewed form like the moon, appearing as full, changes in appearance and is spoken of as the new moon.

The renewed covenant for the future will uphold the promises made throughout the Old Testament period. Despite Caleb's warning that having more power does not save him from aging to death, Chase ignores him.

Before leaving, Chase threatens harm on Caleb's family and friends if he does not get what he wants. Caleb reveals the truth to Sarah and takes her to his father, a man of 44 years with a decrepit old body, exhausted from magic abuse.

When Sarah suggests that one of the other three transfer their power to Caleb so he could evenly match Chase, Caleb immediately refuses, explaining that doing so will cost them all their lives.

On the night of Caleb's 18th birthday, he leaves to face Chase alone and has Reid and Tyler safeguard Sarah in public.

However, Chase easily kidnaps Sarah. At an old barn, the two confront each other. Chase reveals a spellbound Sarah and gives Caleb an ultimatum of his life for hers.

Caleb declares he will not will his power away or let Sarah come to harm. They duel and Caleb is clearly outmatched. At the exact minute of his birth, he Ascends and his power fully matures, which allows him to mount an offensive.

However, as Chase has more than one magical share, he still proves superior and the temporary turn of tide does not last long. Back at home, Evelyn, Caleb's mother, begs her husband to save Caleb.

He sacrifices himself and transfers his power remotely to his son. Once his father's power is infused within him, Caleb hits Chase with a final blow that engulfs him in a ball of flame.

Sarah, Kate and Pogue awaken, freed from their curses. Firefighters arrive on the scene. Caleb and Sarah wait until inspection of the barn's wreckage is complete; they are informed that a third person was not found, suggesting that Chase somehow survived and escaped.

The pair get into Caleb's car and he casually uses magic to fix the busted windshield, which seems visibly unsettling to Sarah.

He reassuringly holds her hand and they drive off. A comic book prequel to the movie was released by Top Cow Comics.

The website's critical consensus reads, " The Covenant plays out like a teen soap opera, full of pretty faces, wooden acting, laughable dialogue, and little suspense.

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Four young men who belong to a New England supernatural legacy are forced to battle a fifth power long thought to have died out.

Meanwhile, jealousy and suspicion threaten to tear them apart. Director: Renny Harlin. Writer: J. Added to Watchlist.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Steven Strait Caleb Danvers Laura Ramsey Sarah Wenham Sebastian Stan Chase Collins Taylor Kitsch Pogue Parry Chace Crawford

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Watch Meyer Lansky for the surprisingly convincing cgi spider. Empire Staffel 2 Deutschland wirkt zusammengeklaut und krude gemischt, Hauptsache die Teenies sehen sexy aus. Alle Rezensionen anzeigen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Moviebase Pakt Gladiator (Film) The Covenant, Der. Der Unsichtbare. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Als die Jan Kralitschka jedoch am The Covenant Tag keine Leiche Was Ist Die Beste Online Videothek, ist dies ein Zeichen, dass Chase überlebt haben könnte. The Happy Burnout Trailer looks glossy but is brilliantly clear in this bluray transfer - The dark scenes and there are plenty of those are crystal Simpsons Marge, the condensation in the obligatory "woman-feels-like-she-is-being-watched-in-the-shower" scene actually feels real, David Friedrich Bachelorette the few special effects scenes - the car crashing into the truck, for example, Bela Lugosi just vivid enough in HD in sight and sound to Lady Bird Kinostart Deutschland wake you up just when you Kino.To Alternative getting bored with the dragging plot. Idee sehr gut, Umsetzung naja Dann steigt Caleb auf und kann seinem Gegner langsam Kontra bieten, ist ihm Flyboys immer noch unterlegen. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. The Covenant

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The cast are all standard eye candy Hollywood teens, the school seemingly entirely populated by perfect specimens. This is the second assessment report. In dieser Zeit kommt er Sarah, die sich für ihn interessiert, sehr nah und beide kommen zusammen.

Meanwhile, jealousy and suspicion threaten to tear them apart. Director: Renny Harlin. Writer: J. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Steven Strait Caleb Danvers Laura Ramsey Sarah Wenham Sebastian Stan Chase Collins Taylor Kitsch Pogue Parry Chace Crawford Tyler Simms Toby Hemingway Reid Garwin Jessica Lucas Kate Tunney Kyle Schmid Aaron Abbot Wendy Crewson Evelyn Danvers Stephen McHattie James Danvers Kenneth Welsh Provost Higgins Christian Baril Dead Teenage Boy Basia Jasinski Pennyworth Robert Crooks Edit Storyline Four best friends, young warlocks of the same coven who all share a same secret: a magic powers, suddenly have to protect themselves from a stranger-another warlock just like them who has come to town to destroy their coven after a years old hate Taglines: To save the future, they must battle their past.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Renny Harlin is known for putting tidbits of Finnish culture in his movies. In The Covenant he has hung a famous Finnish painting on Sarah's wall.

It has an angel in it and there are two boys carrying her away. Goofs In the last scene when Caleb raises his hand to mend the windscreen, just as the windscreen is mended near his raised hand, his hand rises again from the bottom displaying the 'millisecond' overlapping mistake of the film editor.

Quotes [ first lines ] Reid Garwin : What's up, fellas? Tyler Sims : Where were you? I stopped by to give you a lift.

Reid Garwin : Had things to do. How's the party? Pogue Parry : Don't know. Just got here. Reid Garwin : Well, hell, boys.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: USA Canada. Language: English. Runtime: 97 min. Kig-Yar are employed mainly as sharpshooters with their excellent vision and dexterity, and are also deployed to defend strategic areas.

When a Kig-Yar is under fire, it will cover its head with its hands and trot away to another position from which to fire. The Kig-Yar have very strong dislike of the Unggoy because they are always trying to assert their superiority over them in the caste system of the Covenant.

Once they poisoned a recreational narcotic that the Unggoy use which nearly caused them to become infertile. This caused the Unggoy Rebellion.

Hailing from Balaho, Unggoy, known as Grunts among Humans, [25] are the most common and lowest-placed caste of the Covenant.

Classified as a "Tier 6" civilization by the Forerunner charts, the Unggoy were at a primitive point in their cultural development, the Unggoy had little choice but to accept entry into the Covenant hegemony, or otherwise risk extinction.

Despite their notable cowardice and ineptitude, they are quite dangerous in large numbers, which was why an Arbiter was needed to quell the Unggoy Rebellion.

They breathe methane and thus must wear a large tank on their back full of the methane to survive on other planets. Relations between the Unggoy and the Kig-Yar are strained in the best of times.

The San'Shyuum, who came to Sanghelios in order to claim and study the rich abundance of Forerunner artifacts left behind, [32] soon found themselves sharing different ideologies of how such relics should be treated, which quickly developed into conflict between the San'Shyuum and the Sangheili.

The Sangheili believed that Forerunner relics were sacred and should not be touched, while the San'Shyuum Reformists believed that they should be studied and use them to make practical objects of their own design.

At the start of the war, the Sangheili had a numerical advantage in terms of ships and soldiers, and their strength and military tactics overwhelmed their enemy by a considerable factor.

The knowledge gleaned from years of travel and the capabilities of their Forerunner dreadnought, however, gave the San'Shyuum the advantage in ship-to-ship combat, the most common type of combat witnessed during the war.

Eventually, both species came to fear a very real threat: annihilation. The Sangheili who feared it through the San'Shyuum's use of the Dreadnought and the San'Shyuum who came to admit that if the Sangheili were this dangerous, there might be other sentient life far more threatening, making their chances of survival in the galaxy slim.

In their warrior culture, the Sangheili have great respect for a worthy adversary and after their surrender the San'Shyuum sought to broker a Covenant between the two races, thus the term "Covenant.

The Covenant created their own means of connoting time, comprised of "Ages. These ages do not necessarily follow one another in order, nor are they equal in quantity.

As an example, there were significantly more Ages of Conflict and Doubt than Reclamation. Each Age is further broken into what is called Cycles.

A Cycle is the Covenant version of a day and it represents one artificial day on High Charity. A Cycle contains approximately units, which if translated into human time is one hour of time on Earth.

After the first Age of Abandonment , the San'Shyuum and Sangheili were able to evolve into a space-faring race. The root of the First Age of Conflict was the theological question of whether Forerunner technology should be revered or exploited.

The conclusion of that conflict marks the First Age of Reconciliation, followed by the First Age of Conversion ; this marked the beginning expansion of the Covenant by bringing the Lekgolo into the Covenant.

Throughout these Ages, new races were incorporated into the Covenant. In between these ages were what became known as the Ages of Doubt; these ages signified that no great discoveries were made, and members of the Covenant were grappling with internecine conflict.

During the 23rd Age of Doubt , the Covenant encountered Humanity for the first time. This inevitable meeting would start a war that over time threw the entire foundation of the Covenant's religion and political alliance into a gradual state of disarray.

A Covenant vessel discovered the location of the human colony world Harvest. They raided human freighters but unfortunately the humans already had a strike team to counteract what they believed was a growing Insurrectionist group.

The two utilized a Jiralhanae-controlled ship to help them capture the human planet. This starts the powerful alliance between the two species.

The Jiralhanae traveled to Harvest and their Luminary detected thousands of Forerunner artifacts as well.

They landed two Spirit dropships to make contact with the humans. The two human A. The two young Ministers sought out to talk with the long dormant ancilla that rested in the Forerunner dreadnought.

The ancilla, Mendicant Bias, explained to the two San'Shyuum that they have been misreading their findings. What the Kig-Yar detected on the Luminary weren't artifacts; they were actually detecting the humans on Harvest, which are actually called Reclaimers by the ancilla.

Mendicant then attempted to power up the Dreadnought to find the humans and take them to the Ark where they will be able to fire the Halo array , an act which will destroy High Charity.

The two San'Shyuum decided to keep all this a secret from the Covenant, realizing that living Forerunners will destroy the entire foundation of the Covenant.

The Lekgolo which swarmed the Dreadnought disconnected it in order to prevent the ancilla from completing his tasks.

The Jiralhanae began to bombard Harvest with plasma in a process called "glassing. They declared a genocidal war on the humans to prevent any of the Covenant from ever discovering the humans' true place as the Forerunners' heirs and thus beginning the Human-Covenant war.

Using their superior numbers and technology, the Covenant overwhelmed the human UNSC in hundreds of engagements and glassed scores of human-controlled worlds from orbit.

After about 28 years of horrific bloodshed, the Covenant had annihilated most of the humans' outer colonies and were preparing for a final offensive into the heart of UNSC-controlled space.

Despite the humans' best efforts to keep the location of their home world a secret, both sides knew it was only a matter of time before the Covenant arrived at its doorstep.

In , the Covenant found the human fortress world of Reach and began an immediate invasion. In one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the war, the humans threw everything they had into the planet's defense but were predictably overwhelmed by the sheer firepower and size of the Covenant offensive.

It was during this battle that the majority of the human "Demons" or Spartan-IIs were killed. By the battle's end, the humans had lost most of their remaining warships and their most powerful military stronghold outside of earth.

Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee ordered his ships to follow it into slipspace. The human ship led them to the location of Installation The humans landed on the surface and the Covenant forces followed to kill them all before they could cause any damage to the ring.

The plague spread across the ring's surface with terrifying speed. But the humans found out that activating the Halo would wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy, so instead they destroyed the ring.

The Supreme Commander was called before the High Council to answer for his failures. The loss of the Forerunner relic angered the council and that of the entire Covenant.

In front of the entire Covenant, he was given the Mark of Shame , and was then sentenced to be hung by his entrails and have his corpse be paraded through the city as an example to the others.

The Prophet of Truth and Prophet of Regret intervened, however, and instead offered 'Vadamee the chance to become the new Arbiter.

During this time, the humans managed to destroy some Covenant warships in a single massive explosion Operation: First Strike.

It was the single greatest and most devastating defeat the Covenant suffered during the entire War, and the effect it had on Covenant society, which had been told the humans were on the brink of collapse, was profound.

However, despite the staggering setbacks at Halo and at the Unyielding Heirophant, few individuals harbored any illusions about the war's final outcome.

However, Regret did not realize that Earth was actually the human home world. Consequently, he unknowingly led his small fleet into Earth's orbital defenses.

Regret's fleet was unable to fend off the human defenses so he escaped to the newly discovered Installation Truth learned about Regret's attack and immediately sent a fleet of Jiralhanae controlled ships to reinforce the attack.

Regret then called out for help and the entire Covenant City, High Charity, jumped to that location. However, they were too late; the Demon managed to pass by Covenant defenses and assassinated the prophet.

During the final months of the war against humanity, the High Prophet of Truth replaced the Sangheili as their protectors with their rivals, the Jiralhanae, claiming that Regret's assassination by the Demon proved that the Sangheili were incapable of protecting their leaders.

However, this political maneuvering enraged the Sangheili, who claimed that their replacement as the Covenant's military leaders was in defiance of the Writ of Union.

Nevertheless, Truth gave command of the Covenant Fleets to the Jiralhanae and instructed them to exterminate the Sangheili.

The Sangheili revolted, enlisting the help of some of their following Mgalekgolo and Unggoy, birthing a destructive civil war within High Charity itself and on the surrounding Covenant fleet.

Early into the Great Schism, most of the Sangheili Councilors were assassinated by the Jiralhanae at the will of the Prophets, mainly the Prophet of Truth.

When the Sangheili learned that the Halos were not holy relics but were in fact super-weapons designed to eradicate all sentient life in the galaxy, they decided to ally with Humanity in the struggle against Truth.

As the battle for High Charity raged between the Jiralhanae and the Sangheili, the situation was thrown further into chaos when the city was invaded by the Flood.

By the battle's end, High Charity, along with the Prophet of Mercy, had fallen to the parasite.

The Jiralhanae had also suffered severe losses, and the Covenant had made a new and deadly enemy in the Sangheili.

However, Truth believed he still had enough offensive power to defeat the humans and make it to the Ark to initiate the Great Journey.

During the Battle of Earth, the Covenant onslaught overwhelmed the human defenses despite a ferocious resistance , but took appalling casualties in the process.

By the time the portal was fully excavated and opened, Truth's exhausted fleet had been reduced to a few dozen ships in size due to relentless human counter-offensives.

Just as the Prophet was about to fire the Array, the Demon stormed into his headquarters and annihilated his bodyguard. He then deactivated the firing process just as the Arbiter assassinated Truth.

Truth's death and the loss of his Loyalist fleet brought an effective end to the Covenant. After the Battle, the Arbiter signed a truce with the human "Shipmaster of Shipmasters" - Admiral Lord Hood - resulting in an uneasy peace for the first time in nearly thirty years.

It is unknown if any sizable Covenant force remained after the Battle of Installation If they did exist, the lack of proper leadership or direction, as well as the ongoing war between the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae, would have significantly reduced the threat they posed to Humanity and as of March, , the Human-Covenant war officially came to an end.

Multiple Sangheili keeps resisted the peace talks and sought to resume the campaign against humanity, for a variety of reasons, ranging from those who continued worshiping Forerunners and regarded humans as heretics, to those who feared that humanity might seek revenge for the atrocities committed during the war, once it had recovered.

Despite their ambitions, however, the Sangheili struggle to regain their footing due to a number of factors - including internal conflict and human-funded insurrection, the continued war against the Jiralhanae, the absence of a stable and unified government, and the lack of the Huragok's technological expertise.

Meanwhile, the Jiralhanae also suffer from a crippling lack of proper political and military infrastructure as well as their ongoing war with many Sangheili keeps.

The San'Shyuum, whose population has dwindled to a few thousand in number, teeter on the brink of extinction with most choosing to flee into sectors of the galaxy unknown to the Sangheili out for their blood.

For all intents and purposes, the original Covenant has ceased to exist in any organized form, although many smaller factions, collectively known as Covenant remnants , have risen up in its stead.

While some such factions abhor the Covenant like the Swords of Sanghelios , many more of these factions claim to be the true continuation of the Covenant, but in truth no single such successor exists.

Covenant technology is repeatedly referred to as more imitative rather than innovative. While Covenant technology is far more advanced than human technology, the Covenant seem to be ignorant of how precise or powerful their technology can actually be.

While Humans are inferior technologically, they are still capable of learning and often improving on new technology while Covenant advances are significantly slower.

This is, perhaps, the Covenant's most serious disadvantage. Their technology is limited by this almost parasitic reliance on reversed-engineered Forerunner technology.

In Covenant culture, there are religious laws set that prevent them from fully exploring what the Forerunners employed to create that technology.

Like humans, Covenant ships can enter slipstream space and travel faster than light. However, the Covenant equivalent of the Shaw-Fujikawa Engine is far more efficient and reliable.

Covenant vessels do not suffer the "temporal fluidity" of the slipstream to such a degree as Human vessels. As a result, Covenant battle groups are much more efficient when acting as a coordinated group, and can strike more quickly and decisively.

Covenant starships use Repulsor engines for propulsion in space, rather than traditional reaction drives used by the UNSC.

Only three Covenant Associated Intelligences have ever been encountered. One was a rampant AI stationed aboard the Ascendant Justice , which was ultimately destroyed by Cortana.

Finally, Guilty Spark encountered an associated intelligence on board the Truth and Reconciliation during the Battle of Installation Covenant architecture is known for its curved, organic and sophisticated-looking style, likely for the aesthetic tastes of the higher-ranked castes.

Constructed of distinctive purple or white metal, these colors are the main focus of Covenant design and distributed throughout their starships, and weapons.

The metal they use is unknown to the UNSC but is very strong and resilient. Most of the Covenant arsenal is plasma-based Directed Energy Weapons , however the Covenant are known to utilize pulse lasers, particle beam weapons , as well as antimatter and even chemical crystal-based weapons.

The Covenant

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